Master Classes

(9:00 – 12:00) ————————————— [ Tuesday, May 19th ]

1. William Walters, New Mexico University – USA.

Serious Games: Teaching Core Acting.
A methodology through adapted comedy improvisation.
Participants: 18 people.
Place: Salon 1018, FAI Building – 314.

2. Chen Gang, The Central Academy of Drama – China.

Game Playing for the Cultivation of the Actor’s Creativity.
To be an excellent actor, not only should he accumulate life and art culture profoundly, master character’s creation method solidly, but he also need to be equipped with outstanding creative quality, for example, like steady and active focus, keen and delicate observation ability, ample and lively imagination, fine and sincere feeling, authentic thinking and judging ability, prompt reaction, obvious expression, sense of humor and rhythm, and full of creative enthusiasm, etc.
Participants: 18 people.
Place: Salon 3018, FAI Building – 314.

3. Felipe Peréz, Del Valle University – Colombia.

Common Agreement of the Ensemble, the Path of Play in Group Composition.
- Training through impulses, techniques for artistic intuition.
- Common agreement, play as trampoline for artistic ensemble.
- Intuition and risk, tools given by chance as artistic structure.
Participants: 15 people.
Place: Salon 2025, FAI Building – 314.

4. Susana Uribe, Del Valle University – Colombia.

Training as a Way of Actor Transformation. The “Essence” of Presence, Demostration.
This research is carried out in a show of work whose pedagogical approach reflects on the actor’s craft from the pursuit of fitness, from the personal experience as an actress and teacher of the subject body of the school of Dramatic Art of Del Valle University.
Participants: 40 people.
Place: Supplementary Salon of Theatre

5. Aubrey Mellor, La Salle College – Singapur.

Impressionistic Acting: Creating Vivid Characterizations.
The aim is to refresh naturalism with a more colorful and dynamic approach to performance, using principles drawn from both Europe and Asia. It outlines five key elements of character, structured through the rondo musical form, with techniques of degree using polar opposites.
Participants: 18 people.
Place: Salon 3006, FAI Building – 314.

6. Vladimir CondeReche, New Mexico University – USA.

Contemporary Dance
In his modern/contemporary classes, Vladimir looks for an interaction between modern classic dance techniques with a contemporary point of view, linking up the ballet verticality with floor techniques of modern dance.
Looking for actual necessities of today dancers, those with the urgency and obligation of swim between different techniques to offer an honest performance, truthful and adjusted to choreographers’ creativity in XXI century, Vladimir learning methods put the dancers in a constant negotiation between enter and leaving the floor, connecting and integrating with surrounding space.
Participants: 18 people.
Place: Salon 2018, FAI Building – 314.
Time: 14:00-17:00

7. Peter Goessner, Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music – Japan.

Theater Game – Workshop 
How can the student use the experience he gets in playing Theater Games afterwards in playing Theater scenes? We at TOHO use 1. Creating scenes from a Manga, 2. Playing etudes and 3. Improvised scenes as “link” between them.
Participants: 12 people.

————————————————————— [ Thursday, May 21st ]

Master Class’ Results Session for the Forum Assistants

Time: 14:00-16:00
Place: Aud. 5


Registration at the Department of Scenic Arts Offices

FAI Building – 314, 3° Floor.
Registration Dates: May 12th and 13th
Horary: 9:00-12:00 am and 14:00-17:00 pm.