Wednesday, October 15 de 2014

Call For Papers

The IX ATEC Forum – Cali, 2015 will focus on “Game-Playing in Theatre Pedagogy”. We invite participants to submit papers which examine different ways of using theatre games as a training tool.

While it is true that play, like life, is difficult to define, there are several aspects to game-playing which can help us approach the concept. Game-playing implies pleasure and intrinsic enjoyment by all participants. Game-playing provokes the vigorous and healthy energy of competition. Game-playing develops and explores the wonderful potential in all humans. Games have a structure that presupposes risk and chance. Games help us escape from time and space, the momentary transformation of social structures. Game-playing is vulnerable, ephemeral, fragile and unrepeatable.

In methodology and theory, game-playing has the virtue of improving over the course of the game itself. This is why actors play during their training: they play games which help them explore spatial relations, observe themselves, discover their own rhythm, overcome shyness, and gain confidence in their expressiveness. Later on, they play games to help them discover dramatic action, characterization, entrances and exits, pauses, and to help them play a situation. When the go into rehearsal, they play games to create an ensemble, to discover the right casting, and to perform the production.

Call For Papers

The IX ATEC Forum Committee at the Universidad del Valle has decided to call for papers from each member school, for subsequent publication. Please see details below:

1. Theme: “Game-Playing in Theatre Pedagogy”

2. There are two ways you can participate:

- In the traditional way, whereby a delegate from your institution may present a paper (2000-6000 words), which must be submitted to us in advance, and will be read at the plenary session of the Forum. The paper must be submitted in English and the version for the exhibition should not extend more than 12 minutes.

- As a demonstration, whereby the delegate presents theatre games or play dynamics particular to your theatre school or national tradition, with a small group of students participating in the Forum. The delegate must send in advance the name, number of participants and description of the demonstration. Each member school submits one paper on any subject or field within this theme.

3. Deadline is January 09, 2015

4. Please fill in the Information Form enclosed and provide us with a photo.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to your further feedback.
ATEC Forum Committee, Universidad del Valle